• VenaInterdisciplinary Project

  • Interdisciplinary project for the competition "Talents for tiles", by Cooperativa Ceramica d'Imola. The task was to develop a tile which can be used in unused areas and unused spaces in cities to make a place more attractive.

    Further Information

    Vena combines the feature of a tiles durability with the caducity of nature. Furthermore everybody has the possibility to interact with it, to change it and for that reason to become part of it. It doesn't change its look for seconds or a short time but constantly over and for years.

    By abrasion different colored layers become visible and everybody can take part to change the appearance of the square which will develop over decades. The different layers have divergent abrasion-levels. To see the change fast at the beginning, like a childs development in life, the second layer will become rapidly visible after a few months. The next layers will become visible after years and decades, because the abrasion features change, the deeper the layer appears.

    In order to make the growth of the square visible, every layer has a color, which can be choosen by the city to make the square a unique place, which one can experience and remember. It'll be placed once but will never look the same. Vena was the winner of the competition.

    Christoph Kirchner
    Antonio Krämer-Fernandez
    Moritz Köhn

    HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd
    Semester 4

    1st Place
    "Talent for Tiles"